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Anthony J Mazza


About Anthony J Mazza

Anthony J Mazza is a creative and talented individual based in Walcott, New York. Over the years, he has held many roles and perfected many skills. He’s a resourceful business sales consultant, creative speaker, trainer, and published author. 

Stories have always been a part of Anthony J Mazza’s life. He began reading at a young age, which eventually led to him creating his own stories. Anthony wrote his first piece of fiction during his junior year of high school, titled “How the Sea became Salt.” It was this moment that taught Anthony that, for him, writing and reading were integrally linked. He loves creating his own universes and interpreting his own truths throughout his stories. His stories have a way of delving into the secrets of his mind, forcing Anthony (and his readers) to process complex feelings throughout these literary journeys. 

This passion for writing and his view of the world has helped establish Anthony J Mazza as a paranormal, horror, and police suspense writer. His most recent publication, “An Attended Death,” collects fifteen horror short stories into one impressive (and haunting) anthology. Curious readers will find this collection on his author’s site. Likewise, they can listen to the audio versions (narrated by Steven Osarczuk) should they want additional thrills and chills.

Anthony J Mazza’s literary journey has been impressive and will undoubtedly continue to be so. However, that is not the only part of Anthony’s life worth discussing. He is an accomplished business consultant. His professional career began with education through SUNY. He graduated with a BA in Political Science, jumping right into his first venture. It wasn’t long before Anthony J Mazza became the Chief Executive Officer at Mazza Pizza. Anthony worked at Mazza for over a decade, where he helped generate nearly four hundred thousand dollars in annual net revenue. This gave him the experience necessary to jump into his next role with Frist American Equipment Finance. Here he became a Commercial Account Representative. In his first year with the company, he landed their biggest company contract for over six million dollars.

This experience led Anthony J Mazza to US Energy Development Corporation, where he held two roles. He was initially hired as an Internal Wholesaler but became the Director of Business Development. In the latter role, he was responsible for seventeen states in the Midwest and Northeast Regions. He worked hard in this position and helped to increase productivity and sales. This earned him the External Wholesaler of the Year award (2007 to 2017) and the Employee of the Year award in 2013.

Most recently, Anthony J Mazza has worked as an independent sales contractor with Black Knight Productions. He’s been with the company for over eight years. He has earned the title of Salesman of the Year for all of them. This isn’t Anthony’s only accomplishment during his time with Black Knight Productions. He is known as the Monster Capital Raiser because he raised over three hundred eighty million dollars over the last decade. Likewise, Anthony is a Rainmaking Team Leader and is responsible for twenty percent of industry capital raised on a national level. 

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